Science is Magic

I am yet again blown away by the amount of pure hogwash (better known as disinformation) that daily shows up on my Facebook feed.

Today is exactly like yesterday, and the day before yesterday, and the day before that.  This morning’s edition of my Facebook feed reminded me that all of the scientific information and medical advice with respect to Covid-19 that’s provided to us by medical professionals, Public Health providers and the scientific community – information that’s being given to us not only for our information but for our protection – is wrong.  And not only is it wrong, but we are living in a political, social, and economic conspiracy meant to control us; forcing us to do everything that goes against our very nature.

And who is trying to control us, you ask?  Well, don’t be stupid Ron Bowers!  Science is controlling us, you fool (the fool being me, Ron Bowers).  You (meaning me) worked in government most of your adult life.  You (meaning me) should know this already. 

This morning’s edition of my daily dose of disinformation came in the form of a cartoon.  Stay with me, folks.  I must set the stage……  Two people standing at a chain link fence.  The person outside the fence is wearing a mask, and that person’s dialogue bubble says something to the effect that “I’m wearing this mask to protect you from me possibly giving you Covid-19”.  The person inside the chain link fence responds, “And I’m building this fence to protect myself against mosquitoes”. 

The obvious inference here is that masks do not protect us against the spread of Covid-19.  In spite of all the Public Service announcements; in spite of all the media attention given to this issue on the effectiveness of masks in preventing the spread of Covid-19; in spite of, and in the face of all scientific and medical logic…….  Need I go on? 

We live in a very strange world, my friends, where millions of people BELIEVE that a higher power, in one form or another, and for one reason or another, is better able to protect us against a novel coronavirus – meaning it’s brand new and we’re learning as we go – that we know very little about; and about which we are learning as we go. 

Guess what?  Who knew?  Science is magic!

Yes, folks, science is magic.  If you want something to be true, all you have to do is “wish it so” and magically, your wish will come true.  Doctors, scientists, and vaccine providers are idiots, and what they say is useless. 

To get to the truth, we must listen to the taxi drivers, or the corner store business folks whose businesses are being affected by this pandemic.  We must listen to the bar owners and the restaurant owners whose revenues are down.  And we must listen to those of us who are having trouble getting day care for our kids, or those of us who miss our parents and grandparents.  Forget medicine and science.  We must alter our daily life schedules, and this damn pandemic has us all shagged up.  We must bend the science to make it fit into our daily lives. 

The solution is easy.  Let us all believe in magic.  That science and medicine stuff has us all off kilter. 

Magically, if we spin enough bs and tell ourselves enough lies, we can convince ourselves that masks do not prevent the spread of Covid-19.  I almost fell off my chair this morning reading the comments about masks being unhealthy because of the amount of carbon dioxide that a mask will force you to breath in.  Good to know!  I will remember that the next time I have open heart surgery where the guy with the knife stands over me for eight or twelve hours with a mask on his face. 

Magically, if we spin enough bs and tell ourselves enough lies, we can convince ourselves that social distancing does not prevent the spread of Covid-19.  After all, we apparently miss being jammed into a bar where we can breathe all that fresh, Covid-19 air.  I mean, who doesn’t like going to a “super-spreader” event?  You haven’t lived until………….

And while we’re at it, let’s all rely on magic when we fail to wash our hands, or practice other basic hygiene. 

My friends, science is not magic, and we all know it. 

Magic did not get us this far with medical advancements where life expectancy has increased by more than ten years since 1950. 

Magic did not provide us with the amazing developments in treating cancer, heart disease, stroke, and a host of other ailments.  Not yet perfect because we still lose way too many loved ones, but certainly much, much better than it has been.

And magic did not provide us with many, many more advanced years where even twenty years ago elderly people died if they had just one chronic condition.  Pharmaceutical research and the development of new therapeutics and medicines allows us to live very productive lives, even if we suffer multiple chronic conditions and diseases. 

This is called science and medical advancement.  Not magic, for crying out loud! 

And ever the political hack, I can’t resist. 

Not only can science not be found in a small room hidden under a staircase, as in a Harry Potter book.  Science cannot be found on the tip of a speech writer’s pen. 

It doesn’t matter if the bs is coming from the President of the United States, the Prime Minister of Canada, or the Premiers of Ontario, Newfoundland and/or Alberta.  Politicians are following their own agendas and make policy announcements that suit their own purposes.  Use your heads and think logically here. 

Politicians have political and economic agendas that don’t always fall in line with science, medicine or Public Health agendas.  Just because a politician says it, that does not mean it is gospel. 

As of yesterday (September 16th) 9,195 souls have died from Covid-19 here in Canada.  The number of deaths in the United States is quickly approaching 200,000. 

Those numbers are out of whack!  Why?

Canada has, for the most part, been following a Public Health agenda in dealing with Covid-19.  Meaning, some shutdown (certainly) with the wearing of masks, social distancing and personal hygiene measures being encouraged, and within reason, being followed by a willing Canadian population.

Need I say a lot about what’s going on in the US?  Some shutdown (certainly) but the wearing of masks became a political, partisan issue.  Some states have followed Public Health guidelines, while other states rushed to reopen quickly, favouring economic recovery that resulted in an increase in the number of Covid-19 deaths.  More than half of the people in the US are following Public Health guidelines, but a solid 43% of the population are whackjobs who follow an orange pumpkin who daily tells his devoted followers that all of this Covid-19 stuff is going to “magically disappear”.  And the greatest sin being committed in the United States is, yes indeed, 43% of the population believe him and are going to vote for him…….. AGAIN!

Logic – and science – tells us simply that our Canadian population is indeed one tenth that of the United States.  If both countries had followed the same scientific, medical and Public Health guidelines and practices, the number of Covid-19 related deaths in the United States would be proportionately ten times greater than that of Canada.  Sadly, that is not the case.  Instead of being ten times greater than those found in Canada, the numbers in the US are twenty times plus greater – more than twice what they should be. 

Different political and economic Canadian and USA agendas have produced different results.  And its not because of the amount of carbon dioxide that Americans are being forced to breathe in, folks.

Use the brains that your God gave you, for the love of all that’s holy.  Wear a mask and help to save lives. 

And stop posting stupid crap on Facebook. 

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